About the founder

I take care of your home as if it was my own

The idea of Housemonkeys started to grow while I traveled back and forth between Sweden and Switzerland.

“Home” became more and more of a working project, rather than a place of relaxation and enjoyment. “Possibly more people than myself would like to have a house monkey” to take care of their home, so that coming home will be a time of enjoyment and relaxation rather than a working project.

Therefore I started Housemonkeys AB as a business in 2020.

Read more about my background below if you wish.

Anders Ulle

Short Summary of my life so far

1972 I was born in Stockholm, Sweden. My parents emigrated with the family to the USA 1982 where I spent 18 years completing my education and starting a working career.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in International business, finance & global history which was completed at Marymount University. Arlington, Virginia in 1995.

1995 I started as an analyst for a consultancy company focusing on energy and telecom projects which were predominantly focused on the South American market along with The World Bank.

2000 I moved back to Sweden to work with Ericsson as global product marketing manager for Operational System Support.

2003 I got the opportunity to work for a great Swedish design and manufacturing company for retail shelving and display, Freepart AB.

2006 I was recruited by a headhunter for a job at Siemens in Sweden. I spent a year in Sweden with them as global product marketing manager of access control, and then was asked to move to Switzerland to work for the International headquarters of Siemens Building Technologies.

2007 – 2018 In Switzerland I held three different positions at Siemens AG with a global reach and responsibility, mostly in high end security. There I developed some of the best relationships with coworkers and customers that I still cherish and maintain to this day.

2019 Back in Sweden I continued with consultancy to old and new customers.

My family always have had a summer home on Värmdö which became my home base in all world travels and countries I lived in. My parents have sold that home, but my wife and I have bought a new home in close proximity, so I am still “Home”.